Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Lajittele nouseva Version Replies Last updated
[Mac] Page layout incorrect when printing via CMD-P (does not match Page Settings) active 9 6 vuotta
Mixer "solo" doesn't apply in audio export (though mute does) active 3.0 8 1 vuotta
Page Settings, Apply to All Parts glitches PR created 3.0 4 1 vuotta
Ledger line doesn't shorten for note with accidental active 1 6 vuotta
Midi note-off messages not sent during editing PR created 3.2 3 2 kuukautta
Option to select download formats on active 1 6 vuotta
Regroup Rhythms doesn't handle tuplets correctly PR created 3.4 7 1 kuukausi
Resource Manager should additionally show a (last modified) Date/Time active 6 6 vuotta
Consistent popping noises active 3.0 1 1 vuotta
Wrong clef when changing from tab to standard staff on guitar part active 5 6 vuotta
Audit all import filters for the new TPC1/TPC2 construct active 4 5 vuotta
Text line with text above or below collides with line active 2.1 9 1 vuotta
Cannot enter unison notes via mouse active 0 5 vuotta
Clean up null values active 1 1 kuukausi
Community Guidelines do not reference or include active 0 1 vuotta
joining scores via album requires all scores to have the same number of parts and staves active 9 8 kuukautta
Mordents, Trills etc.: default Anchor setting (i.e. "Above Staff") too high above staff active 3.0 6 8 kuukautta
Adding tablatur staff to a normal staff as a (linked/additional) staff is not a tablatur staff by default active 5 5 vuotta
Issue Tracker file attaching is misbehaving in several ways active 3.0 0 1 vuotta
regression: tempo markings' stems too short active 12 4 vuotta
Tempo pallet unresponsive active 3.0 8 1 vuotta
MuseScore Freezes When Opening A File active 3 4 vuotta
Ambitus "line thickness" parameter (in inspector) is not working properly active 3.0 2 1 kuukausi
Mixer controls cannot be controlled by keyboard active 4 5 vuotta
Difficult to select elements close to beams active 3.0 2 1 vuotta