Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Lajittele nouseva Version Replies Last updated
can't manually advance voice 2-4 note edit cursor to measure not already containing that voice active 2 5 vuotta
MDL doesn't work with latest release ( needs info 3.3 2 5 kuukautta
Mixer settings treated inconsistently as part of score in the context of saving active 3.0 2 1 vuotta
Add violin/fiddle-style tablature. active 52 5 kuukautta
Playback won't work on Ubuntu needs info 3.3 2 4 kuukautta
cross staff beam has wrong stem direction in imported v1.3 score active 3 5 vuotta
crec. in voice 1 2 3 needs info 3.3 2 3 kuukautta
[EPIC] Bends issues active 3.0 1 1 vuotta
Metronome defauld value not stored active 1 5 vuotta
Since last version, The Play button or the Play Windows are no more working!!! needs info 3.4 1 2 kuukautta
Instrument name gets wrong position and a line is missing during note entry when "Hide empty stave" is enabled active 1 4 vuotta
broken text input options... horrible needs info 3.4 2 3 viikkoa
unicodeNote* glyphs missing in Emmentaler active 2 4 vuotta
Grey out redundant controls from the mixer window PR created 5 5 vuotta
Windows compile instructions slightly out of date active 1 4 vuotta
Explosive accents on Guitar part with linked tab staff active 2 4 vuotta
Dashed/dotted lines stop scaling with zoom once line thickness equals one pixel active 4 4 vuotta
Add Ctrl+= as alternate shortcut for zoom in active 10 4 vuotta
FEATURE REQUEST: Use score info to add tags to exported audio active 3.1 3 10 kuukautta
Frames: allow absolute units for size and gap active 3.1 0 9 kuukautta
Glissandi: End anchors cannot be adjusted for acciaccaturas active 0 4 vuotta
In MuseJazz, staccato dot should be smaller than duration dot active 3.2 2 9 kuukautta
KeySig key exposure not working active 2.1 7 3 vuotta
Issue with multiple moniters active 3.2 3 8 kuukautta
Opening a score doesn't load synthesizer defaults. active 2 4 vuotta