Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Lajittele laskeva Version Replies Last updated
MuseScore crashes on Mac when exporting .mid /.musicxml active 3.4 2 2 vuotta
[EPIC] Selection issues active 3.0 1 3 vuotta
Undo Beam middle produces broken beaming active 1 3 vuotta
COMPSKIS needs info 3.0 2 7 kuukautta
Chord - tie interaction when opening a gp file active 3.x-dev 0 2 vuotta
Circled fret marks for half note and whole note durations in tablature staves active 3.0 11 9 kuukautta
Session information should be stored in Roaming directory not Local active 0 10 vuotta
Cannot hide select brackets in score needs info 3.6 7 7 kuukautta
SCREECHING WHITE NOISE whenever I try to use musescore needs info 3.5 1 2 vuotta
Add a playlist facility to control the sequence of playback active 3.0 2 4 vuotta
rearrange notes over bar lines active 4 5 vuotta
Blue screen on installation active 4.x-dev 1 6 kuukautta
On MacOS, shortcuts will be disabled if pressed when using non-roman-alphabet-based IME (input method editor). active 3.5 1 1 vuotta
Regression—scroll bar for Navigator always appears active 2.2 9 6 vuotta
The app does not work for me. When I enter my library and access Sheet Music, it throws me out of the app. needs info 3.6 1 5 kuukautta
Changes to Repeats On/Off aren't reflected in scroll bar of Play Panel active 0 9 vuotta
Inconsistent arrow-key behaviour after turning on loop active 4.x-dev 0 5 kuukautta
Crash when pasting a note to a multi-measure rest symbol active 4 2 vuotta
Elements improperly positioned when changing tablature line amount active 1 9 vuotta
Violin Solo MuseSound playback is messed up needs info 4.0 17 3 kuukautta
Tablature: "Add Note" command needed (e.g. to allow creation of grace note chords) active 3.5 2 2 vuotta
Tie and slur direction in tablature active 3 9 vuotta
Sudden continuous note active 4.x-dev 4 5 kuukautta
Crash while opening Capella capx file active 3.5 9 2 vuotta
Add "Submitted by" field to search options in issue tracker active 2 4 vuotta