Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Lajittele nouseva Version Replies Last updated
Inconsistent behavior in generating automatic file names needs info 4 1 viikko
Musicxml import lyrics text erroneous, only imports 1st stanza active 2.2 9 4 vuotta
Support for Brass Band instruments active 3.0 12 4 vuotta
MIDI Keyboard Input do not works after musescore 2 needs info 3 6 vuotta
Save As vrs. Save Part As active 0 3 vuotta
request shortcuts for individual dynamic (& other) markings active 1 2 vuotta
Style > General > Articulations: Symbol Anchor Settings Not Followed active 2.3 9 3 vuotta
Gregorian chant active 37 2 vuotta
[MusicXML export] rehearsal mark and system text missing in multi-measure rests needs info 4 2 vuotta
Should the colorLabel be a real button active 3.0 0 3 vuotta
Stack alterations for complex jazz chords active 0 10 vuotta
Auditory Glitch needs info 2.3 12 3 vuotta
[MusicXML] Positions of System Text, Stave Text, Chord Name and Rehearsal Mark aren't preserved active 3 10 vuotta
Extra Beat needs info 3.0 6 3 vuotta
Alternate method of inputting notes active 3 10 vuotta
BIAB Song Import MG1 MG2 ..MGA MGB MGC... active 1 2 vuotta
Mark notes that are on beat active 2 9 vuotta
app only sometimes crashes when selecting to create a new score (after a lot of file editing) needs info 3.0 4 3 vuotta
Black note head in drum palette active 6 9 vuotta
'End' and 'page down' commands do not work for score ending in mmrest active 10 2 vuotta
When silently changing the key to enharmonic equivalent during transposition, change notes too active 9 7 vuotta
ctrl shortcuts don't work needs info 3.0 1 3 vuotta
Soundfont deletable without selecting it active 1 8 vuotta
Skip measures or blocks during the last bars playing. needs info 3.0 3 3 vuotta
Glissando goes through clef active 8 4 vuotta