Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Lajittele nouseva Priority Version Replies Last updated
Website: Access User links (My Profile etc.) and you lose navigation elements active 2.1 1 4 vuotta
"End" to move to end of score. active 2.1 4 3 vuotta
Unable to produce special time signatures active 3.6 1 11 kuukautta
Problem inputting max. system distance because of interaction with min. SD setting active 3.2 6 1 vuotta
MIDI End-of-Track occurs prematurely / unequally when track ends in silence. active 2.1 1 4 vuotta
Automatic bar creating at the end of piece during note entry active 4 1 vuotta
Figured Bass continuation lines broken active P2 - Medium 3.6 3 11 kuukautta
Autoselection in "Staff Text Properties" active 3.2 0 2 vuotta
"Drum Tools" (display option): Bugs active 2.1 4 3 vuotta
Backward compatibility for scores to fix previous bar count bug involving anacrusis active 2 10 vuotta
After making edits, saving score during playback causing visual glitches in score layout active 3.6 1 11 kuukautta
Wrong vertical position of breath mark active P1 - High 3.0 28 10 kuukautta
[trunk] [osx] "backspace-key" triggering the same action as "delete-key" active 4 10 vuotta
Staff spacers: Down and Fixed types wrongly positioned when applied to tablature active 3.2 0 2 vuotta
Add SoundFonts’ names and licences (and score copyright) to waveform file metadata active 3 1 vuotta
Mixer doesn't show name change of instrument (but follows part name) active 8 1 vuotta
Guitar chord (fretboard) diagram: Root position active 3.6 0 10 kuukautta
Freeze file name during use active 10 1 vuotta
Templates show odd key signature behaviour for transposing instruments active 0 9 vuotta
Bravura (and fonts using it as a fallback): Whole notes with diamond noteheads in different voices do not line up active 3.6 5 10 kuukautta
"How to" not displaying uploaded files even when "DISPLAY" is ticked on edit page active 0 3 vuotta
Slurs collide with ties active P2 - Medium 3.2 5 2 vuotta
"Invisible" menu text in MuseScore's Dark Theme (Windows) active 3.6 1 9 kuukautta
Toolbar Customizations are lost if made in custom workspace with toolbar option active 3.2 8 2 vuotta
AIFF export active 3 9 vuotta