Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Lajittele laskeva Replies Last updated
Staff properties "cancel" button doesn't revert already-applied active 2 7 vuotta
Notes too close when crossing staves active P2 - Medium 5 3 vuotta
[Mac OS X] Scores that have not previously been opened do not open at first active 6 7 vuotta
Add Ctrl+= as alternate shortcut for zoom in active 10 6 vuotta
Reference style files in scores active 4 8 vuotta
File doesn't open or print when doing Print in Finder active 4 8 vuotta
Add ability to add lyrics to grace notes active P1 - High 9 1 kuukausi
Staccato dot application from palette different from using shortcut active 4 7 vuotta
Difference in controls between Mixer and Synth/Master Effects active 0 9 vuotta
Notes collide between cross-staff active P2 - Medium 16 1 vuotta
Spacing issues when choosing a custom font for chord symbols with standard chord description file active 7 8 vuotta
No save prompt for imported MIDI file on MuseScore close active 1 7 vuotta
TAB: vertical alignment of hooks in Emmentaler for "common" type active 1 7 vuotta
MuseScore does not open when a network printer is not reachable active P3 - Low 8 4 kuukautta
Text styles not applied by command line option -S needs info 8 2 vuotta
Use CommonMark parser for Markdown active 18 3 vuotta
Slash notehead position needs adjusting active 7 2 vuotta
glissando don't work with cross staff notation active 8 7 vuotta
After copying MIDI channel to new part, note stems extend to the bottom of the display active 1 9 vuotta
New instrument: Positive Organ active 1 7 vuotta
Translation for "Create desktop shortcut" active 4 2 kuukautta
No way of controlling gateTime at present in nightlies active 18 6 vuotta
Initial window size is very wide on multi-monitor setup. active 5 4 vuotta
Incorrect display of score duration with x minutes and zero seconds needs info 3 3 kuukautta
extra notes heard with some sf3 sound fonts PR created 14 1 vuotta