Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Lajittele laskeva Replies Last updated
Note properties (small, head group, etc.) not linked between score and parts active 10 1 vuotta
Cross-staff slur missing or incorrect when a part is created active P2 - Medium 2 3 vuotta
Repeat selection of note in chord sounds top note active 0 9 vuotta
[Trunk] Sound briefly heard from last score after reopening active 2 7 vuotta
Add text to arpeggio bracket active 1 8 vuotta
Measure::cloneMeasure() appends too many staves to cloned measure active 2 6 vuotta
Add rounded corners to ledger lines instead of straight corners active 1 7 vuotta
Mode between move accord or noteheads. active 8 6 vuotta
More "clever" measure splitting active 3 8 vuotta
Clean Up Unnecessary Time Signatures When Main One is Changed active 4 7 vuotta
[Mac 10.8] Applications alias in Nightly Build DMG doesn't point to a valid location active 4 9 vuotta
F2 transpose does not respect key signatures active 1 7 vuotta
Additional mode to update accidentals active 12 2 vuotta
No sound after minimizing Cubase 8 and maximizing MuseScore back active 1 2 vuotta
Glissando collides with accidentals active 4 9 vuotta
L-shaped sign for hand distribution (piano) active 10 3 vuotta
Create accidentals active 0 6 vuotta
Allow making staff invisible staff in excerpt/part active P1 - High 9 1 vuotta
wavy lines don't draw diagonal, regardless of the setting of "allow diagonal" active 8 7 vuotta
Possibility not to show palette items on linked staves active 1 9 vuotta
Wrong rest placement in double-stemmed writing active 7 7 vuotta
'vanity' URLs for howtos active 4 3 vuotta
support use of "h" to produce "half-diminished" sign in chord symbol active 3 8 vuotta
No option to add, translate or edit How To's, Tutorials, FAQs, or Plugins active 9 4 vuotta
Trills and other ornaments with sharp or flat signs active 34 1 viikko