Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Lajittele nouseva Replies Last updated
MusicXML export: left-hand side repeat sign is included in the previous measure width active 2 3 vuotta
End barline too small after deleting bar with short barline active 1 9 vuotta
Wrong barline in linked tab added onto a note or a rest active 4 7 vuotta
Stem bug when long and pointing down active 0 8 vuotta
Prevent Master Palette from going behind main window (like Mixer, Special Characters, or undocked palettes) active 2 7 vuotta
[2.0] chord name collision with tempo active 1 8 vuotta
Cannot use a decimal dot or vulgar fractures like ½ for time signatures active 3 1 vuotta
Note Input State Interactions with Plugins/Plugin Creator that crash Musescore active 1 1 vuotta
[GPx import] Missing clef in MusicXML generated from file in #34781 active 7 3 vuotta
Integrate Parnassus font in MuseScore active 3 8 vuotta
Nightly page needs updating active 6 2 vuotta
Reduce ambiguity in marching snare drum notation active 5 3 vuotta
Missing arrows in Gootville active 0 7 vuotta
Multi-measure rest does not cover all measures with rest, IF... ... active 8 1 vuotta
Reorder Text Styles active 1 8 vuotta
After selecting a measure, with shift held down, clicking in another measure can lose selection active 1 7 vuotta
Multi-voice grace notes not aligned active P2 - Medium 15 3 vuotta
Out of range note doesn't highlight when dragging element onto it active 3 8 vuotta
"Old computers (32-bit)" and "ARM-architectures" on downloads page: link to unofficial versions page or remove links active 10 1 vuotta
Default paper size is A4 instead of letter active 17 1 vuotta
treat Rehearsal Mark string as Marker for "Jump to", "Play Until", "Continue at" active 6 7 vuotta
Playback position not held after changing score active 14 1 vuotta
MuseScore dock icon on Mac OS X is smaller than others active 4 8 vuotta
Toggle mmRest, position view not repositionned to last measure selected active 0 7 vuotta
Barlines in tablature too long when using the Guitar Tab template active 12 8 vuotta