Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Lajittele laskeva Replies Last updated
Adjacent notes appear on the same side of stem when adding another active 10 5 vuotta
Segno Variation ("Serpent") should be on barline, not above active 14 9 kuukautta
Plugins/Issues/revisions -gives 'Access denied' active 2 1 vuotta
First note of system and incoming tie misplaced for C major key signatures active 3 3 vuotta
Improvements to Hairpin Inspector active 0 4 vuotta
Automatically added symbols are too low and close to the staff active 4 7 vuotta
rehearsal, segno and coda markings collide with measure number on first measure of system active 7 5 vuotta
change articulation anchor for ["Fade In/Out", "Swell", "Wiggle Sawtooth/Vibrato"] from CHORD to TOP_STAFF active P1 - High 6 1 vuotta
Option to convert transposed instrument key signatures into enharmonic equivalent when number of accidentals exceeds limit needs info P1 - High 25 1 viikko
Tremolo collides with tablature active 1 6 vuotta
Glissando not drawn correctly active 1 5 vuotta
Ability to set articulated (e.g. staccato) playback without using the equivalent notation active 7 7 vuotta
Extending a selection when an element that is not a CR is selected before active 0 5 vuotta
Tab: make font bold, italic or/and underlined active 15 9 kuukautta
Editing instrument properties active 1 7 vuotta
Change voice for a tuplet in edit mode active 0 4 vuotta
Non-lossy transposition active 15 4 vuotta
can't manually advance voice 2-4 note edit cursor to measure not already containing that voice active 2 5 vuotta
Import images from musicXML active 1 4 vuotta
Add version 3.x to the list for "How to.." and tutorials. active 1 1 vuotta
Musescore VST Plugin needs info 11 4 vuotta
global chord format editing active 1 6 vuotta
Style files are outdated active 2 6 vuotta
cross staff beam has wrong stem direction in imported v1.3 score active 3 5 vuotta
Dynamics not saved for staff other than top if system flag set active 12 1 vuotta