Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Lajittele laskeva Replies Last updated
Tablature should be finger-accurate for Guitar MIDI Controllers active 5 1 vuotta
Score in Continuous View cropped in navigator active 0 8 vuotta
[Mac] Playback audio distorting if chorus and reverb not 0 active 5 10 vuotta
empty "pages" in handbook revision listing active 2 3 vuotta
can't choose from all instruments when creating new score active 5 7 vuotta
Encore enc file plugin active 12 4 vuotta
Bad layout with grace notes active 5 2 vuotta
[Ubuntu 11.10] 'Save As' does not work active 2 10 vuotta
Temporarily change staff order throughout the piece active 5 1 vuotta
Tab staves created in Guitar Pro import do not show in instrument list, can't be deleted active 15 3 vuotta
Beaming notes over barlines and line breaks active P1 - High 71 9 kuukautta
Palette symbols reduced in latest nightly, and possible text rendition issue (?) needs info 2 7 vuotta
"Broken rhythm" in note entry active 0 13 vuotta
Time signature change read incorrectly in corrupt 1.3 score active 5 8 vuotta
Default keyboard shortcuts for staccato and decrescendo cause neither to work needs info 7 8 vuotta
Use CommonMark parser for Markdown active 18 5 vuotta
Access to Harmony and fingering in plugin framework active 4 11 vuotta
Gregorian chant active 37 3 vuotta
Instrument name of linked staves in Continuous View not centred between staves active 0 8 vuotta
[Suggestion] Need flexible Pedal lines active P2 - Medium 1 4 vuotta
MusicXML export: left-hand side repeat sign is included in the previous measure width active 2 3 vuotta
MuseScore 4.0 system requirements missing from Download page active 0 1 vuotta
Wrong barline in linked tab added onto a note or a rest active 4 7 vuotta
Prevent Master Palette from going behind main window (like Mixer, Special Characters, or undocked palettes) active 2 7 vuotta
Add menu item : Create -> Image from file active 3 8 vuotta