Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Lajittele laskeva Replies Last updated
can't disable Shift+Space shortcut for previous syllable active 7 6 kuukautta
Disallow pasting notes to a stave not matching the pitched/unpitched property active 6 1 vuotta
Breath/pause at the end of a measure won't delete when removing the contents of the measure active 4 1 vuotta
Redirect to the English version if no localized help topic is available active 0 6 vuotta
Previous casing of letters remains when overwriting file name with same characters active 4 7 vuotta
Implode to different voices on single staff when there are different rhythms in the selection needs info 12 3 vuotta
Dialogues forgot size and position active 1 7 vuotta
Lines over empty measures overlap with multimeasure rests active 1 6 vuotta
Barlines in tablature too long when using the Guitar Tab template active 12 7 vuotta
Stack alterations for complex jazz chords active 0 10 vuotta
Harp and Handbell Specific Effects Symbols active 4 9 vuotta
Mid-staff changes not exported to MIDI active 1 10 vuotta
Elongated beamed grace note stems active 7 1 vuotta
TopStaff anchor for articulations/ornaments does not honor notes and beams outside staff active 0 10 vuotta
Edit similar text lines by removing a line return leads to an unexpected result active 1 6 vuotta
Allow Bluetooth-, other Sound- and MIDI-devices to be turned on after MuseScore loads active 7 2 kuukautta
Undo Staff Type changes does not restore former state active 1 1 vuotta
Request new mode or command that allows rests to be re-pitched active 8 5 vuotta
Drag trail with dynamics starting with "f" active 7 7 vuotta
Erratic behavoir when applying slur or haripin to a septuplets active 4 6 vuotta
shortcut "{" for Add less stress does not work in c351315 active 11 6 vuotta
[trunk] hard to select slur or tie active 17 6 vuotta
Missing Version Resource in Musescore.exe active 0 6 vuotta
Voltas duplicated if first instrument is invisible. active 8 1 vuotta
Glitchy sound when playing more than one voice active 3 6 vuotta