Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Lajittele laskeva Replies Last updated
Selecting notes with Shift + mouse drag in chords active 0 7 vuotta
File doesn't open or print when doing Print in Finder active 4 7 vuotta
After selecting a measure, with shift held down, clicking in another measure can lose selection active 1 5 vuotta
Dependence on libmp3lame missing from README active 0 9 vuotta
Drumset included in octave change active 5 7 vuotta
Playback Mixer: soling & unsoloing a second instrument makes it sound endlessly active 0 6 vuotta
Drum palette quickly appears and disappears when enabling and disabling Note Entry in saved score active 1 8 vuotta
VBox immediately after HBox in pattern of Measure(s),HBox,VBox,Measure(s) does not split system active 3 1 vuotta
Continuous view is interrupted by frames active 6 7 vuotta
Add special characters for creating the swing symbol active 1 6 vuotta
Local time signature change results in corruption needs info P2 - Medium 15 3 vuotta
Add internationalization to notenames/pitches, esp. their octaves active 3 2 päivää
Mixer Settings don't apply in audio export needs info 3 6 vuotta
Number brackets in .ove files cannot be rendered promptly when playback active 0 7 vuotta
Change name of executable from mscore to MuseScore active 0 9 vuotta
when opening in 2.0 documents created in version 1.3, custom placement of many elements becomes wrong active 2 5 vuotta
Add € and £ to MuseJazz, review @ character active 2 9 vuotta
Dotted line at end of first segment of continued line goes to bad location if endpoint is on different page active 1 7 vuotta
Movement of line (Crescendo) markings from main to part layout needs info 2 6 vuotta
Glissando goes through clef active 8 3 vuotta
Crescendo and decrescendo moves when one side is dragged to the other active 1 8 vuotta
Encore enc file plugin active 12 2 vuotta
note added to wrong staff if entering note input mode after selecting element attached to invisible staff active P2 - Medium 11 2 vuotta
Album segfault {2parts-excerpted}.append( {1part-notexcerpted} ); active 19 1 vuotta
Add violin/fiddle-style tablature. active 57 1 vuotta