a more powerful "undo" fonction

• 17 Mar. 2012 - 20:05

Knowing exacting what will be "undo-ed" or restored by using "Annuler" in the "Edition" menu would be a plus :

Would it be possible — like in Microsoft Word I think" to include the name of the last action in the menu item itself ? Instead of proposing only "Annuler", it would state 'Annuler suppression des mesures' (for example, if the last thing done was erasing some bars).
Sometimes it is faster to do many Undo's in a row, and this feature would help the user to feel secure about where he is in the process.

I would also make a second suggestion : this "Undo (the last action)" could be either clicked, or reveal a sub-menu with let's say the 10 or 20 last actions done, and these could be clicked to apply the undo's until the clicked earliest action (I guess it would not be possible to select one particular action to undo without undoing the actions done after, as often every action changes the result of each previous action)
I hope my suggestions are clear, and could be included in 2.0 if that sounds useful to you and the user. It does to me.


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