Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Trier par ordre croissant Version Replies Last updated
Feature request: Custom date format active 3.6 5 1 mois
Allow Navigator to be docked or floating active 3 6 ans
Requesting a simple Section Repeat System (in addition to classica/Italian navigation) active 3.6 0 2 mois
Measure::cloneMeasure() appends too many staves to cloned measure active 2 6 ans
Crash entering short notes in particular measures of a particular score active 4.x-dev 7 1 mois
Include some batch operations with spacers active 3.2 1 2 ans
MusicXml does not set the proper font when importing from MusicXml active 5 2 ans
"Expressive" Voices (single note cresc/decresc) completely missing from Flatpak version active 3.6 8 3 jours
In Lyrics mode, Symbols input stuck Navigation active 3.0 3 1 an
Export parentheses around chords in MusicXml active 0 6 ans
Short and tick barlines do not always "stick" on saving. needs info 7 3 ans
Page Settings: screwed up page overview if "Vertically" for "Scroll Pages" is activated (MuseScore 3.2.3–3.3RC) active 3.2 1 2 ans
if insert new clef to a measure that already has clef at *start* of measure, then old clef shouldn't remain needs info 3.x-dev 10 3 ans
[EPIC] Requires MAJOR version bump active 2 2 ans
MusicXML export: left-hand side repeat sign is included in the previous measure width active 2 2 ans
Replace recorder instrument in FluidR3Mono default soundfont active 3.0 6 4 ans
Can´t delete text and accents in letters don´t work. needs info 3.0 8 3 ans
MIDI File import, unexpected EOF on Windows active 3.2 15 3 jours
Offset values in Inspector don't reset when automatic placement is turned on, or apply when automatic placement is turned off active 3.0 2 4 ans
incorrect tempo needs info 3.0 4 3 ans
Audio crackle when audio starts or stops active 3.3 0 2 ans
Bend messes up drum kit on playback active 2.1 8 4 ans
Selecting notes for playback needs info 3.0 7 3 ans
The program doesn't connect to my computer keyboard. active 3.3 1 2 ans
Trills on unpitched percussion active 2.1 0 5 ans