Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Trier par ordre croissant Priority Version Replies Last updated
Very long WorkSpace title leads to error PR created 3.5 3 1 an
Alt+drag does not work on dynamics lines PR created 3.0 13 2 ans
[MusicXML import] use note type instead of note duration to determine note length PR created 3.6 6 5 mois
High Floor Tom in 2nd voice by default PR created 3.4 2 1 an
Ambitus for transposing instruments doesn't update when toggling concert pitch PR created 3.5 4 1 an
[Text input] Shortcuts for note durations PR created 3.5 4 1 an
Removing all measures in a score leads to all pages disappearing. Leaves empty page instead. PR created P3 - Low 3.0 14 2 ans
Crash when copying/pasting a tied note in a MM rest PR created 3.5 32 3 mois
Missing spaces between numbers and units in spinboxes PR created 3.0 19 2 ans
Brace's width get unreasonably wide, when setting the 'Max. grand staff distance' value PR created 3.6 6 1 jour
Include both correlative and user-defined measure number in status bar PR created 3.0 4 1 an
Add support for Jianpu numbered musical notation PR created 3.0 16 1 an
[Guitar Pro 7] Support of the new .gp format PR created 25 1 an
Allow export of background images with PNG/PDF PR created 3.2 4 9 mois
[MusicXML import] enable import of MusicXML note duration to set duration as shown in the piano roll editor PR created 3.6 3 5 mois
Increase limit of note Offtime in PRE and Plugin API PR created 3.4 12 2 mois
For a single-stave key signature, the courtesy key signature shows in all staves PR created 3.3 7 1 an
Can't import external svg file into palette since overhaul PR created 3.3 5 1 an
Final barlines wrongly and only partially assumed from musicxml import from musicxml import lacking barlines PR created 3.6 13 3 semaines
Feature Request: New buttons in editstyle.ui PR created 3.0 1 2 ans
SVG: Crisper Lines PR created 3.0 3 3 ans
Marker Types and names of Coda & ToCoda get messed up PR created 3.2 4 1 an
Re-pitch mode for grace notes PR created 3.0 14 2 ans
Page Size Units PR created P2 - Medium 3.0 5 2 ans
[Musicxml Export] - Defined measure number not exported PR created 3.3 3 7 mois