Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort descending Priority Version Replies Last updated
During note entry, display candidate note name/details at the mouse cursor in the status bar (e.g. 'Pitch: G6') active 4 2 ans
Copy Lyrics command doesn't work in this score at all active 3.6 2 1 an
Hand Bell Range Is Incorrect active 5 4 ans
Tuplet numbers do not change their color active 2.1 3 4 ans
Kindle Fire link in footer redirects to outdated/unsupported version active 2 11 mois
Formatting problems when extracting parts from a Capella file active 3.4 2 2 ans
[EPIC] Export to PDF active 3.0 1 3 ans
Send MIDI clock signal via USB active 2 2 semaines
Screen readers: include breath marks in note summary active 3.x-dev 1 2 ans
Percussion: stem direction of note does not obey "Edit Drumset" settings if entered via virtual piano or MIDI keyboard active 7 1 an
Editing parts with linked staffs and multiple instruments crashes Musescore and corrupts the MSCZ file. active 3.5 4 10 mois
[Trunk] Allow more space for 'Files of type' box in Export active 6 10 ans
Sticking Tool Improvement active 3.3 3 2 ans
Save As vrs. Save Part As active 0 4 ans
Request for automatic handling of playback of unisons to avoid acoustic artifacts active 3.6 4 9 mois
Display essentials of navigator active 2 9 ans
Dynamic not taking effect until one note later active 3.4 1 2 ans
Zoom to Selected Item active 2.2 5 4 ans
Unable to create aftergrace at the end of bar active 3.6 0 9 mois
Instrument Sound changes every time another score is opened active 4 7 ans
In 'Continuous view' Ctrl+F does not consider all entered numbers active 2.3 4 4 ans
"undo" does not always restore correct time signature active 3.6 1 8 mois
MuseScore's audio output does not produce accurate envelopes for custom soundfonts active 3.4 2 2 ans
Trumpet playback spontaneously making incorrect sound active 2.3 1 4 ans
Accacciatura double slashed active 2 9 ans