Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
'End' and 'page down' commands do not work for score ending in mmrest active 10 2 ans
Frame text after a TABs is not visible in PDF not printed directly active 2 7 ans
Tapping active 8 2 ans
Implement temperament playback in MuseScore active 21 3 ans
Clarify template titles for "Liturgical" and "Closed Score" active 7 7 ans
Nightly page needs updating active 6 1 an
plugins: impossible to set the played duration of a chord active 4 2 ans
Glissando collides with accidentals active 4 9 ans
"Hide instrument name if there is only 1 instrument" doesn't work if there is only one visible instrument but others exist active 9 6 ans
Chord symbols won't overlap barline active 11 7 ans
[MusicXML import] Four beats put in 3/4 measures if full measure rests badly encoded active 4 2 ans
Adding a tag property for the measure object needs info 1 3 ans
Pitch Wheel event at beginning of an SMF causes import to lose tracks active P2 - Medium 1 3 ans
Objects of Lines remain after cut active 1 7 ans
Adding staff to instrument in score does not add staff to part; possibly crash involving undo / toggle mmrest active 7 2 ans
Redirect to the English version if no localized help topic is available active 0 7 ans
Cannot use a decimal dot or vulgar fractures like ½ for time signatures active 3 3 mois
Bitonal chords (eg. G# plus Gb) active 6 1 an
Grace note Glissando ends cannot be adjusted with the Shift + arrow command active 2 1 an
Expose gateTime parameters to plugin framework active 4 3 ans
Element (dynamics hairpin) misplaced in piano part extraction active 3 7 ans
Slur and phrase end notes should play at 90% length active 37 1 an
Saving during playback causes it to skip to a random note and hang, moves playback cursor elsewhere needs info P1 - High 23 3 ans
Template field not populated in Staff properties >Advanced style properties active 8 2 ans
Error in playback of voltas with clef changes or dynamics active 11 1 an