Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Remember "ignore" choice when loading corrupt scores active 6 6 ans
[MusicXML import] empty lyrics lines (was: crash if too many lyrics) active P2 - Medium 8 2 ans
Tie of unison note ignored on playback in 1.3 score active 1 7 ans
[trunk] Improvements to the 'section break' active 4 11 ans
Rehearsal measure numbers active 9 8 mois
Operating System active 0 9 ans
Percussion: stem direction of note does not obey "Edit Drumset" settings if entered via virtual piano or MIDI keyboard active 7 1 an
Remove key signature step during score creation if only non-pitch and tablature instruments selected active 3 9 ans
Version Numbers plugin Issues search in German active 1 10 ans
Plugin Creator help document is missing much important information active 1 6 ans
Label waltz active 1 1 an
Accidental collides with beam active 0 9 ans
Unable to enter rest via toolbar in tablature active 6 7 ans
Global 4/4 against Local 6/4 generates errors active P1 - High 12 2 ans
Stem direction of cross-staff notes incorrect active P2 - Medium 6 3 ans
Enharmonic changes by user should persist at least through the same measure. active 20 2 ans
[EPIC] Items that cause entire score to be redrawn active 0 1 an
harmonics don't playback properly active 0 11 ans
Add "Submitted by" field to search options in issue tracker active 2 3 ans
Add custom / combined barline style active 12 8 ans
Articulations and other elements created in 1.2 not displaying correctly in 2.0 active 4 9 ans
Add auto filter function in Mixer Sound Mapping active 1 3 ans
[MusicXML] Repeat measure sign not exported or imported active 55 3 mois
Add special characters for creating the swing symbol active 1 6 ans
Undo reset doesn't restore beam position active 2 2 ans