Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Text input on Mac via special characters table causes crash needs info 3.6 18 11 mois
Crash when closing a tab on Midi imported score active 3.6 8 1 an
Grace note may interfere with slurring a range selection needs info 3.6 5 2 mois
Edits to stem direction in drum set don't affect existing notes unless they are explicitly reset active 3.6 5 6 mois
QML import crashes MuseScore active 3.6 1 1 an
position of fingering on voice #2 not easy to read active 3.6 1 3 mois
A Frame fails to accept Section Break applied to it and crashes needs info 3.6 3 1 an
Changes in clef and key signature on save/reload with system changes involved active 3.6 4 1 an
Accordeon Symbols can collide with staff lines, and in general don't avoid colissions with other elements active 3.6 9 11 mois
A bug about copy and paste needs info 3.6 1 1 mois
Time signature changes mess up layout and measure durations active 3.6 10 5 mois
soundfont is installed. sythesizer and mixer are greyed out needs info 3.6 1 1 an
After an 'sf' dynamic, subsequent 'p' dynamic is ignored in Presto piece. active 3.6 3 1 an
Renaming one part changes another part active 3.6 2 3 mois
Add shortcuts, trill problems, and section breaks. needs info 3.6 4 1 an
Crash with text frame active 3.6 3 1 an
Setting PDF resolution to 2000 DPI has strange effect on braces, not spanning the entire range active 3.6 23 11 mois
Open with double-click/drag to icon without losing last session active 3.6 6 1 an
reapeats not working needs info 3.6 1 1 semaine
Lines on last measure are corrupted after file re-open if they span to last note but don't start at the 1st active 3.6 4 5 mois
Accordion notation issues needs info 3.6 2 1 an
Style control of accidental interlock threshold active 3.6 7 1 an
MuseScore Freezes frequently and has to be shut down when using a Corsair Virtuoso wireless gaming headset in wireless mode active 3.6 7 2 mois
Playback does not work for consecutive playbacks of double-repeats. needs info 3.6 1 1 an
Musescore segfaults on startup due to missing qt quickcontrols2 configuration active 3.6 4 11 mois