Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Trier par ordre croissant Replies Last updated
Copying all layout information to parts active P2 - Medium 56 1 mois
Bad note spacing with user modified beam on chord with seconds active 0 6 ans
"Export Parts" should convert the filename as per the same rules as the new score wizard active 1 7 ans
[trunk] Scores from 1.2 with various voices have the rests repositioned active 0 10 ans
Monitor resolution detected incorrectly, making sizes wrong needs info 37 6 mois
Add continuous controller support active 0 11 ans
Remove key signature step during score creation if only non-pitch and tablature instruments selected active 3 9 ans
[EPIC] Requires MAJOR version bump active 2 2 ans
Underline chord name active 5 7 ans
Erratic behavior of the Tab cursor according the layout active 1 7 ans
Pages are not positioned correctly when using shortcuts "Page Up" and "Page Down" active 0 7 ans
Directory boxes in Preferences erased after accessing and cancelling active 2 10 ans
Hide courtesy clef does not work in context menu active 7 8 ans
Request for more strings numbers on palette active P3 - Low 8 3 ans
AppImage doesn't accept accented characters from keyboard using "dead keys" active P1 - High 45 3 ans
import capella score (.capx) crashes newest version of musescore PR created 14 4 mois
Soft Pedal Playback active 5 3 ans
Tablature collides with augmentation dot active 0 7 ans
Access to Harmony and fingering in plugin framework active 4 10 ans
Album segfault {2parts-excerpted}.append( {1part-notexcerpted} ); active 19 2 ans
Updates to contributor page, admin guidelines active 1 3 ans
Add text to arpeggio bracket active 1 7 ans
Download link to older versions of MuseScore for Linux (3.0.0 to 3.6.2) is missing active P1 - High 7 3 mois
Cannot turn measures invisible in parts needs info 7 1 an
Musescore crashes upon loading of mscz file generated by active P2 - Medium 5 2 ans