Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Trier par ordre croissant Replies Last updated
8va alta can not select end note needs info 3.x-dev 1 2 ans
My Repeat signs doesn't work needs info 3.x-dev 1 9 mois
CLI Style Conversion Doesn't Copy <musicalSymbolFont> to Parts active 3.x-dev 0 3 ans
Musicxml export does not included altered ontime values active P2 - Medium 3.x-dev 4 3 ans
Make Voice 1 and 2 colors easier to distinguish active 3.x-dev 10 2 ans
Visualizza 150% . 50% . 75% and so on needs info 3.x-dev 2 3 ans
Barlines not connected in Classical and Symphonic orchestra scores. active 3.x-dev 0 1 an
Choose instruments: can't delete lone instrument from the score instruments list active 3.x-dev 1 1 an
Hide system barline staff property not re-applied to existing measures after enabling then disabling active 3.x-dev 6 1 an
Can't play needs info 3.x-dev 2 3 ans
Build with Ninja fails: error: dependency cycle active 3.x-dev 16 1 an
Inspector width has increased significantly for "text" elements active 3.x-dev 13 1 an
Hairpin jumps to another system's hairpin during drag/arrows with unknown details active 3.x-dev 3 1 an
Customized style settings for font size in 3.5 are reset to 3.5 default upon import into 3.6 active P1 - High 3.x-dev 1 1 an
Chord Playback - Specify a register where the root is played active 3.x-dev 1 2 ans
Lyric verse numbers don't align when syllable starts with punctuation active 3.6 0 2 mois
Weird Noise needs info 3.6 1 1 an
Clef change at start of system on cutaway staff causes missing barline and extra staff lines active 3.6 0 1 an
Request for setting to control display of measures rests in 4/2 and longer meters (breve versus whole) active 3.6 7 10 mois
Loading an MSS file that changes the default style version doens't apply new defaults until reload, potentially changing some settings active 3.6 8 1 an
When repitching the second note of a group of two connected by a tie, the tie should be replaced with a slur instead of disappearing or moving the 1st note along too active 3.6 7 4 mois
crashes when playing 16th notes needs info 3.6 1 1 an
Half duration shortcut crashes musescore when time signature is 5/4 PR created 3.6 13 4 jours
Dark theme doesn't restore correctly after suspending computer active 3.6 0 1 an
Crash when trying to add an arpeggio needs info 3.6 3 11 mois