Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Trier par ordre croissant
Offsets of score elements added to palette should be ignored when displaying the palette active 3.6 10 8 heures
About API needs info 3.6 1 1 jour
[Musicxml Export] - Headless notes exported incorrectly as hidden notes active 3.6 1 1 jour
[Musicxml Export] - Unable to export score in concert pitches active 3.6 2 1 jour
Slurs: integrate a text option to enable annotations for hammer ons (e.g. H) and pull offs (e.g. P) active 29 1 jour
Add a "second time only" option (For repeats, not Volta) active 19 1 jour
4.x-dev: difficulty with first-time opening of latest nightly active 4.x-dev 5 1 jour
Improve navigation in Single Page view; particularly addition of a vertical scrollbar active 3.5 9 1 jour
Allow system text objects to be repeated on lower staves active P2 - Medium 3.0 38 1 jour
Exclude chord symbols from playback when using percent repeats active 3.6 1 1 jour
Inconsistent spacing of same-duration notes PR created 3.3 78 2 jours
Playback needs info 3.6 1 2 jours
Fingering collides with note flags, accidentals, note stems etc. active 3.2 9 2 jours
Fingerings and grace notes collide active 3.0 2 2 jours
Musescore 3.4 - Musescore Drumline playback not working needs info 3.4 4 3 jours
Request to synchronize note playback properties by default once it becomes possible to unlink them on command active 3.6 30 3 jours
Wide space at the begining of the score needs info 3.6 3 3 jours
Include default-x and default-y for Rest note PR created 3 3 jours
Fretboard diagrams: for barres, allow user to specify a curved line (instead of a straight line) active 3.6 3 3 jours
[MDL] Percussion Sounds Are Inconsistent During Playback active 3.6 2 3 jours
Add the ability for real strumming notation and playback, including the string order active 3.6 8 4 jours
Deleting an instrument in "Instruments in Parts" ("Parts" pop-up) may cause the modified part to display too many staves. active 3.6 3 4 jours
Grésillement needs info 3.6 1 4 jours
Crash on pasting trill lines with accidental active 3.6 2 5 jours
Unnecessary extra horizontal space added when adding accidentals or dots PR created P2 - Medium 3.0 21 5 jours