Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Fretboard diagrams: allow multiple barrés active 3.0 1 2 years
Glitchy noises produced in an instant after starting playback needs info 3.0 2 2 years
two urgent updates needs info 3.6 2 9 months
MuseScore crashes in attempt of adding or connecting two notes with a tie. needs info 3.2 6 2 years
"Respell pitches" should only work on the selection, if there is any PR created 3.0 7 3 months
Tuplet entry inconvenient active 2 6 years
Add mode for automatically numbering triplets active 3.6 0 9 months
Musescore v. Crash. needs info 3.0 11 2 years
if insert new clef to a measure that already has clef at *start* of measure, then old clef shouldn't remain needs info 3.x-dev 10 2 years
Add harmonic symbol for tablature: and harmonic notehead for staves active 3.0 26 10 months
Make Add/Remove parentheses to noteheads and accidentals a toggle active 3.6 7 8 months
Multimeasure rests are being randomly broken up and I can't join them together needs info 3.3 2 2 years
no sound needs info 3.0 2 1 year
Pb MuseScore file open needs info 3 6 years
Midi playback recreates midi events when song ends for no reason active 3.6 4 8 months
Tuplets do not move with arrow keys when selected active 3.3 11 2 years
Application crashes after Shift-K, Close window and Command-K active 3.0 0 2 years
Two staves, one hidden—barline shown at beginning of each line until relayout forced active 2.1 5 3 years
Inserting measures in a part misplaces lines and slurs (and possibly others) active 3.6 9 7 months
User velocity settings for notes don't work when using "Expr" sounds active 3.3 7 2 years
Tablature shown as treble staff in "Instruments" when Clef is hidden active 2 5 years
Tie extends beyond barline PR created 3.6 9 4 months
Afspeel paneel (Playback panel) not shown full needs info 3.3 6 2 years
Changing actual measure duration should give the choice to keep first or last beats active 7 5 years
Style control of accidental interlock threshold active 3.6 7 6 months