Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
Musescore dont play some notes needs info 3.3 2 1 year
'End' and 'page down' commands do not work for score ending in mmrest active 10 1 year
Make it easier for new users to find the "repeats" they are looking for. active 1 7 years
The Q*Application instance should be destroyed before main() returns active 3.3 2 1 year
Musescore 3 Bug needs info 3.0 1 2 years
Ignore "parenthesized expressions" that precede lyric syllables active 21 6 years
Toggle Rhythmic Slash Notation fails with mix of already toggled and regular notes active 3.4 1 1 year
[Linux] File open dialog inconsistent / too simple active 1 6 years
presets on banks >0 are not exported in MIDI file active 3.4 0 1 year
"R" key doesn't work when repeating a triplet created in Voices 2, 3, and 4. active 0 6 years
Empty bars and a corrupted file after trying to Explode active 3.4 1 1 year
Able to tie fret marks on different strings of the same note needs info 2.1 4 4 years
Manual adjustments of slurs/hairpins are lost if subsequently there is a system break before the measure, followed by the break's removal (by delete, undo etc.) active 3.4 12 2 months
Pages are not positioned correctly when using shortcuts "Page Up" and "Page Down" active 0 6 years
UNDO doesn't restore image's original size after checking "Scale to frame size" active 3.4 8 1 year
the focus of the tool list should not be lost. active 3.0 0 2 years
Measure Text active 1 6 years
Automatic and semiautomatic Input not listening to note-off midi signal in transposed score active 3.4 1 1 year
MS3-RC does not want to quit. active 3.0 0 2 years
Adjust system-crossing melisma's vertical position active 6 6 years
MuseScore's audio output does not produce accurate envelopes for custom soundfonts active 3.4 2 1 year
Tab Keybinding active 2.3 1 2 years
Option to override settings in Preferences upon import/export active 0 6 years
Midi Keyboard Problems needs info 3.4 3 1 year
Time signature change deletes glissandi active 2 6 years