Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort ascending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Notes in one voice cause gap between notes in another active P1 - High 3.0 0 3 years
Symbols creating a glissando wavy line are not completely aligned under Windows active 4 7 years
Save timeline settings in preferences or with score active 3.6 1 10 months
Wrong playback after applying cross-staff notation with glissandos in Diatonic play style active 3.2 5 2 years
bracket behaviour incorrect when some parts are hidden active P2 - Medium 4 2 years
[Accessibility] Play Panel is confusing with Voice Over. active 3.6 1 10 months
octave 8va_ _ _| is not saved correctly at Voice 2 active 3.2 4 2 years
Image capture causes previous note selection to be lost active 3.0 4 10 months
New shortcuts in Edit Percusión active 3 6 years
Adding note within multi-measure rests results in hidden measures in continuous view active 3.6 1 9 months
mid-measure barlines are missing from generated parts active 3.x-dev 1 2 years
Capo Settings: add a "Detune" setting to emulate instruments below written pitch active 3.0 20 1 week
when replacing pitches without changing rhythms, unable to enter chord on tied note active 5 11 months
Fix "foreach"/"for" related paragraph in mscore3.txt active P2 - Medium 3.0 0 3 years
Export Midi Chords From Text Chord active 1 6 years
MDL Drumline sound font doesn't work active 3.6 3 8 months
Downloads: make a Linux AppImage of MS3 available for 32-bit PCs active 3.3 2 2 years
Issues adding local time sig to score with parts active P1 - High 9 3 years
During Playback of an Individual Instrument Part of a Score, If Solo, at any time, transitions from On to Off in the Mixer for the Instrument Part, other Non-Muted Instruments in the Full Score Play for that Part when Solo is Off. active 3.6 4 8 months
Edit behavior: shift+arrows do not change leading-space upon a rest. active 3.3 1 2 years
Header & footer text style cannot be set independently in main score and parts active P2 - Medium 3.0 9 1 year
Function to creat auto generated ChordSymbols... active 0 6 years
Do not cache libraries when playing a plugin from the Plugin Creator console active 3.6 3 7 months
Issues tracker: Edit window shrinks when you press Preview active 1 2 years
MIDI Input selector grayed-out (Windows 7 64-bit) active 6 3 years