Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort ascending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Phantom notes PR created P2 - Medium 12 10 months
Next System Shortcut PR created 3.2 10 1 year
Bad (negative) default height for fixed spacer if added to last staff of score PR created 3.0 16 3 weeks
System::scanElements collects TIE_SEGMENTs when it should not PR created 3.4 2 4 months
State of "play panel" on closing the program should be restored on re-opening PR created P1 - High 3.0 29 1 year
J does not respell Fbb, Cbb, B## or E## PR created 3.2 2 1 year
Page Settings spatium rounding causes downstream issues PR created P2 - Medium 3.0 23 1 year
C-Major/a-minor and atonal key signatures cause other elements, like dynamics, to move up PR created 3.6 5 2 months
Note Groups UI increase Mouse Click region size for each note PR created 2.1 10 2 years
MIDI export: the first track should not contain note events PR created P2 - Medium 96 2 months
[XML output format] Indentation of closing brackets is off PR created 3.4 14 1 year
Auto space staves on a page PR created 3.0 7 6 months
Dashed volta lines come back as continuous after the score is saved. PR created P1 - High 3.6 8 2 months
[MusicXML export] double fermata exporting note with both fermata and grace note PR created 3.0 8 2 weeks
Page Settings: staff space (spatium) control pads input before user has finished editing PR created P1 - High 3.x-dev 15 1 year
Slash appears as a colon PR created 9 6 months
Optimize sfz sound fonts loading process PR created P1 - High 2.3 4 2 years
[Musicxml Export] - Defined measure number not exported PR created 3.3 3 2 weeks
Marker Types and names of Coda & ToCoda get messed up PR created 3.2 4 1 year
Unsynced margins PR created 8 2 years
Headnotes appear inside the margin limit (good) and footers appear outside (bad) PR created 3.3 4 1 year
For a single-stave key signature, the courtesy key signature shows in all staves PR created 3.3 7 8 months
Very long WorkSpace title leads to error PR created 3.5 3 6 months
[MusicXML import] [3.6.0 regression] fretboard incorrectly imported PR created 3.6 11 2 months
Importing colored lyrics from MusicXML works only for first line (number="1") PR created 3.4 5 1 month