Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Adding piano moves other akkolade brackets active 0 10 years
No sound in MuseScore 2.0.1 on windows, due to wrong preferences active 1 7 years
Rests in voice 4 rhythmic slash notation not positioned well active 0 6 years
Login should stay in website domain; not working with strict privacy settings needs info 7 7 years
Diagonal (straight) line layout issue if there is end text active 2 7 years
Changes to Repeats On/Off aren't reflected in scroll bar of Play Panel active 0 9 years
Shortening bar kills note active 0 7 years
Tie and slur direction in tablature active 3 9 years
MusicXML file with multiple instruments at the same time in one part does not import correctly into MuseScore active 10 2 years
Dynamic appears in score with part's text style, and vice versa active 2 6 years
Open files with missing extension active 6 2 years
Problem with playback velocity with dynamics and hairpins active 11 7 years
implement OpenSL ES audio driver backend for android active 3 6 years
Version for "How to.." and tutorials should be additive (like for plugins), not exclusive. active 4 6 months
Can't open old Overture files active 9 7 months
Add ability for stemless notes in drum sets active 5 8 years
Unresponsive needs info 6 1 year
Switching of playback devices is not recognized active 0 7 years
Bracket color insconsistant between Continuous and Page view active 0 9 years
Shortcuts to switch between Page View and Continuous View active 7 7 years
Exported PNG shows tablature stem incorrectly active 0 9 years
real-time sustain (MIDI out, play sound restrictions) needs info 4 2 years
Edit drumset: instrument list should remember order set by user active 7 1 year
Implement temperament playback in MuseScore active 21 4 years
Align horizontal frames in a vertical frame active 5 4 years