Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Sort ascending Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
Drumset shortcut keys initially input note selected in palette needs info P2 - Medium 3.0 4 5 years
Drumset Input isn't showing needs info 3.3 2 4 years
Drumset included in octave change active 5 9 years
Drumset edits have no effect after a change instrument object PR created 3.4 13 3 years
drumset edit not applied to the current notation until relayout active P1 - High 3.0 5 5 years
Drumset does not play correct sounds in the preview GitHub issue 4.0 8 1 year
Drumset cue rest placement is too low active 3.3 1 4 years
drumset active 4.x-dev 3 1 year
Drums Notation/entry features active 7 9 years
Drumline not installing needs info P3 - Low 12 3 years
DRUMLINE ISSUES needs info 2.3 2 5 years
Drumline Extension needs info 2.3 1 5 years
Drumkit subdivision affecting electric guitar needs info 4.0 1 1 year
Drumkit balance active 1 8 years
Drum sounds defective. Original drum sounds lost needs info 3.2 7 4 years
drum problem needs info 3.6 1 2 years
Drum Palette shortcut letters active 7 3 years
Drum palette quickly appears and disappears when enabling and disabling Note Entry in saved score active 1 10 years
Drum palette does not follow note changes active 0 9 years
Drum Palette Displays 5 Lines Pec Clef for Instruments with 1 Line Perc Clef active 2.1 4 5 years
Drum names and sounds not correct, The different names (bass drum, snare, hi hat) are matched to the wrong sounds (bass drum is snare noise, and hi hat is bass) active 3.6 1 1 year
Drum map export forget .drm extension on linux active 3 8 years
Drum Input Palette and text toolbar disappear when overlayed/underlayed by virtual Piano active 3.0 6 3 years
Drum channel has wrong soundfont on opening a gp file active 3.x-dev 5 3 years