TimeSig object

Updated 4 years ago

This documentation applies to plugins for 1.x only!

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Available in MuseScore 1.1+ only

The TimeSig object represents the time signature of a score.

A new TimeSig object is created with either:
var ts = new TimeSig()
var ts = new TimeSig(numerator, denominator)

In the former case an "empty" TimeSig object is created. Before it is used, it needs to be initialized by one of the methods below. In the latter case, the TimeSig object is initialized with the time signature numerator / denominator.

The time signature of the current score can be obtained with curScore.timesig, and you can, for instance, change it with the change method (e.g. curScore.timesig.change(3,4))


Name Type Description
type int an internal value describing the time signature
the only usage of this property is to copy the time signature from one TimeSig object to another (e.g. newsig.type = oldsig.type


change(int numerator, int denominator)

Change the time signature to numerator / denominator.


Change the time signature to Alla Breve.


Change the time signature to Common Time