Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
When repitching the second note of a group of two connected by a tie, the tie should be replaced with a slur instead of disappearing or moving the 1st note along too active 3.6 7 9 months
Crash entering short notes in particular measures of a particular score active 4.x-dev 7 8 months
Piano keyboard: custom size lost when program is closed if zoomed in/out with Ctrl + mousewheel active 2.1 7 4 years
Create custom time signature dialog box - no acknowledgement of success - can yield multiple instances of time signature active 3.5 7 1 year
Reset dialog too large active 3.6 7 8 months
Beams of cross-staff notes in first bar of page sometimes vanish active 3.5 7 1 year
Cyrillic text in _Italic_ doesn't render correctly in Edwin active 3.6 7 1 year
Crescendo/diminuendo hairpins not affecting repeated midi notes generated using tremolo active 2.3 7 4 years
Segfault on SVG rendering needs info 3.0 7 3 years
Playback stops when I set the tempo I want. needs info 3.0 7 3 years
MIDI Real-Time Recording Error needs info 3.0 7 1 year
can't load saved scores and musescore will crash active 3.0 7 3 years
Lagging when editing any kind of text active P1 - High 3.0 7 3 years
"Customize Toolbar" not persistent needs info 3.3 7 3 years
SHA256 checksums only available after downloading active 3.0 7 1 year
Change note duration with mouse wheel active 3.0 7 2 years
Welcome Screen if no Tab is opened active 7 8 years
Playback of piano notes is non-legato active 2.1 7 6 years
'About' box way too wide when using an outdated translation active 7 8 years
Add way to revert to "default" drumset In the drumset editor active 2.1 7 5 years
Deleted all notes and rests in a measure, won't let me place notes, says file is corrupt when i try to open it. needs info 3.6 7 3 weeks
Beats per minute interpreted incorrectly in certain MIDI files detected as "human performance" active 3.3 7 3 years
3.3.4 MacOS: Can't quit Plugin Manager dialog active 3.3 7 2 years
Score corrupted then crashed active 3.x-dev 7 2 years
Elongated beamed grace note stems active 7 2 years