Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort ascending Last updated
Setting for placing beams between notes (zig-zag) inside the inspector active 3.0 0 2 years
"Broken rhythm" in note entry active 0 11 years
Cautionary key signature on jump active 0 10 years
Dragging drum notes produces red bar rests active 0 10 years
Stack alterations for complex jazz chords active 0 9 years
Tablature note values repeat settings active 3.0 0 2 years
Asterisk indicating impending save doesn't appear after changing settings in Synthesiser active 0 9 years
Match names of Note Heads in palette and Inspector active 0 8 years
Operating System active 0 8 years
Navigator x close button active 0 8 years
Part fingerings active 0 8 years
Plugin Manager path text not selectable, fully viewable active 3.0 0 2 years
Error message when editing page does not show long enough active 0 2 years
Ctrl->A to select all text in a text element doesn't visually respond until actually lift finger from Ctrl active 3.0 0 2 years
Menu item -stretch- does not change with language active 3.0 0 2 years
Improve score audio by allowing custom releases of soundfont during playback active 3.0 0 2 years
Elements not always drawn correctly active 0 8 years
When you are playing, the piano keyboard dosn`t show the keys active 3.0 0 2 years
Toolbar buttons usable with nothing selected active 0 7 years
Cancel option when adding soundfont active 0 7 years
Incorrect default shortcut for 'previous score' active 3.4 0 1 year
Bug with real-time note entering active 3.4 0 1 year
Fretboard diagrams: reduce empty space in the Inspector active 3.4 0 1 year
Progressive tempo change does not work when opening a gp file. active 3.x-dev 0 1 year
Save Online dialog gray after minimizing active 3.5 0 11 months