Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
cross staff beam has wrong stem direction in imported v1.3 score active 3 7 years
Drumkit balance active 1 6 years
Jack MIDI : MuseScore plays piano only active 0 12 years
Instrument name gone when switching order of staves with "Hide empty staves" enabled active 15 2 years
Incorrect display of score duration with x minutes and zero seconds needs info 3 7 months
Progress bar while exporting files active 9 9 years
Hide debugger for normal users active 0 8 years
Error message when editing page does not show long enough active 0 3 years
Chord articulation editor not working active 14 8 years
Frame text after a TABs is not visible in PDF not printed directly active 2 7 years
sporadic CRASH on exit in QNetworkConfigurationManagerPrivate::pollEngines() on unixes (corrupt stack?) active 14 6 years
zoom to selection active 3 10 years
Ambitus reacts wrongly on insert/delete measure active 3 2 years
Midi Keyboard power after Musescore active 2 7 years
[Trunk] Changing icon size has different effect between empty state and open score active 0 11 years
Oblique stroke of small acciaccatura collides with notehead active 0 8 years
Tuplet across barline active 6 1 year
Multi-select in Instruments PR created 7 3 years
Non-articulated notes should play at 90% length active 12 2 weeks
"Reset Text to Style" does not reset "Size follows 'Staff space' setting" active 0 6 years
[MusicXML import] Four beats put in 3/4 measures if full measure rests badly encoded active 4 2 years
Measure::cloneMeasure() appends too many staves to cloned measure active 2 6 years
featured Micro-interval tuning? active 0 12 years
QML Spinner doesn't work with MuseScore custom UI style active 11 8 years
Add shortcut for switching between parts in a score active 4 11 months