Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
.desktop needs work active 5 8 years
Slash fill in percussion staves, voices 3 and 4 active 0 5 years
Dragging elements to other pages makes them lost active P1 - High 7 1 year
Default keyboard shortcuts for staccato and decrescendo cause neither to work needs info 7 6 years
Courtesy key and time signatures incorrectly positioned at line break active 1 7 years
Position of line after unticking Allow diagonal not restored in undo/redo stack active 1 1 year
Request new mode or command that allows rests to be re-pitched active 8 5 years
in Note Groups UI make palette selectable, then click notes to toggle between selected beam property and auto active 26 1 year
Laissez Vibrer: Chords tied to nothing active 18 1 year
Report false positive case to Norton Power Eraser active 0 5 years
Disable save prompt for all imported files opened without changes (and improve other pop-ups to make the situation clearer) active 118 10 months
Bends collide active 0 7 years
Forums do not post replies if page is translated by browser. active 4 3 years
Brackets of nested tuplets collide active 3 10 months
Adjustment handles for lines don't scale with zoom active 5 7 months
Distance between 32nd and next note too small active 2 6 years
Join Scores and crash report active P1 - High 18 1 year
[trunk] [osx] "backspace-key" triggering the same action as "delete-key" active 4 9 years
Musescore crashes upon loading of mscz file generated by active P2 - Medium 5 1 year
Lute Fingerings from Articulation Pallet don't work for Chords in Lute Tablature active 3 5 years
Templates show odd key signature behaviour for transposing instruments active 0 9 years
Midi export: Instruments not correct needs info 9 5 years
Global 4/4 against Local 6/4 generates errors active P1 - High 12 1 year
Note properties (small, head group, etc.) not linked between score and parts active 10 2 weeks
Printing blank needs info 1 5 years