Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Ordine crescente Last updated
Grace note palette shows notes with slurs active 13 7 anni
Dynamics not saved for staff other than top if system flag set active 13 2 anni
Allow pedal hooks to attach when custom horizontal spacing has been utilized active 3.2 13 3 anni
Beam should have the same thickness for any given slant active P1 - High 3.0 13 4 anni
Set to style for cresc. and dim. lines. for custom dashes active 3.x-dev 13 2 anni
Cashes after a couple minutes or when I click save needs info 4.x-dev 13 5 mesi
Glitches in playback audio active 2.1 13 4 anni
Last updated is only updated after several minutes in new forum active 13 5 anni
Automatic Courtesy Accidentals active 13 3 anni
icons too small to read needs info 3.6 13 2 anni
[MusicXML export] Lyrics do not handle flat and sharp signs needs info 13 3 anni
Musescore for Windows tablets active 3.0 13 6 anni
musescore 4 very slow and playback sucks needs info 4.0 13 2 mesi
[macOS] Speakers crackle loudly when other apps play audio active 3.4 13 2 anni
Content of some palettes disappears when the palettes width get reduced to its minimum active 2.2 13 5 anni
Weird Piano Vibrato: check comments for answer needs info 3.4 13 7 mesi
Synthesizer: Hang then crash if you press "Load from score" at very beginning of session active P1 - High 13 2 anni
After changing the initial instruments clef, a new setting of "Span to next staff" causes two clefs to be displayed after Save/Reload active 3.5 13 1 anno
Inspector width has increased significantly for "text" elements active 3.x-dev 13 2 anni
Incorrect Treble Recorder range active 3.6 13 1 anno
[MusicXML] Thumb not exported active P1 - High 13 3 anni
Guitar Tab PDF with letters instead of notes needs info 3.0 12 2 anni
Mixer Reverb and Chorus have no effect on sound active 3.2 12 2 anni
Option to use a different instrument for each voice active P2 - Medium 3.0 12 4 anni
Allow look-ahead while panning vertically during playback active P2 - Medium 3.6 12 6 mesi