Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Version Replies Ordine decrescente Last updated
Playback for Long Trills (over Multiple Bars) Cuts Out and/or Is Distorted active 3.6 6 1 anno
Cut, paste, undo, paste, crash active 3.6 6 2 anni
Score will not play through my headphones active 3.6 6 1 anno
Bitonal chords (eg. G# plus Gb) active 6 3 anni
Unable to enter rest via toolbar in tablature active 6 9 anni
Resource Manager should additionally show a (last modified) Date/Time active 6 10 anni
MS3 - Image "Lock Aspect Ratio" in Inspector doesn't work active P1 - High 3.0 6 4 anni
Add 0 shortcut to Rest tooltip active 2.1 6 5 anni
Beam and stem of cross-staff notes don't flip active P2 - Medium 6 4 anni
Incorrect order of auto placement by adding symbols from the master palette to notes with articulations active 3.0 6 4 anni
Acciaccatura before note connected with glissando has wrong playback active 3.0 6 4 anni
Inspector: min distance and offset values do not update immediately when moving into the skyline using Inspector controls active P2 - Medium 3.1 6 2 anni
Keyboard shortcuts do not work when the keyboard language is not English. needs info 3.2 6 1 anno
Grace notes in staff/tab pairs are misaligned: causes oversized spaces in music staff active 3.2 6 3 anni
Thicker hooks, needed feature for the visually impaired musicians active 2.1 6 7 anni
Coda with text needs info 3.2 6 4 anni
Set barline thickness active 3.3 6 4 anni
Cannot use PDF Transcribing Assistant needs info 3.0 6 5 anni
Lines: style setting changes are associated with Begin text only active 3.3 6 4 anni
Issues Tracker: "New" and "Updated" Title tags remain even when issue is visited active 6 6 anni
Quindicesima (15ma) sign above in Grand Piano causing sound dropouts active 3.4 6 3 anni
Nasty static is played along with my music. What is the cause? needs info 3.4 6 2 anni
Duration of notes is not selected the first time active 3.0 6 5 anni
the special symbols $m/$M/$d/$D ignoring the settings of the regional format in ubuntu 16.04 LTS active 6 8 mesi
Grace note entry active 6 8 anni