Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Version Replies Ordine decrescente Last updated
Show string tuning after TAB clef active 3.0 11 2 anni
System being edited stays fixed on current page until editing an earlier system active P1 - High 3.2 11 3 anni
Fa notehead is not shared. active 11 1 anno
Incorrect playback of arpeggio with tied notes active P2 - Medium 11 1 anno
single piano stave with bass clef turns to treble after property edit active 11 4 anni
Link to handbook is broken active 4.0 11 1 anno
Musescore 4 keeps crashing when I open any orchestral piece. needs info 4.0 11 9 mesi
First barline of a system gets disconnected active 3.5 11 3 anni
Copy + pasting / deleting + ctrl z metronome marks makes them invisible on despite being visible in Musescore needs info 3.6 11 3 anni
Tuplet brackets show incorrectly when only a single note active 11 2 anni
Slur from grace note to main note disappears when changing time signature active 4.0 11 1 anno
Request 128th tremolo active 3.0 11 2 anni
Lyrics top margin representing distance from lowest note of staff in system active 11 9 anni
[Mac 10.10] Unable to open both files of same name and different extension active 11 4 anni
Error in playback of voltas with clef changes or dynamics active 11 3 anni
Provide a link from forum profile or settings to post history active 2.2 11 7 anni
Note/rest too close to start of mid-system measure with time signature active 3.2 11 4 anni
Editing text in measure number doesn't work active 3.x-dev 11 3 anni
Voltas collide with elements above the staff if top staff is hidden (due to being empty) active 3.0 11 2 anni
Request for MusicXML file with incorrectly encoded triplets to be auto-corrected active 3.6 11 2 anni
Supporting function-notation active 11 10 anni
[EPIC] Braille friendly musicxml export active 3.0 11 4 anni
PDF Export takes wrong pagesize (letter instead a4) needs info 3.0 11 3 anni
Bugged playback of accent-staccato active P1 - High 3.0 11 4 anni
Musescore v. Crash. needs info 3.0 11 5 anni