Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Ordine crescente Version Replies Last updated
Report false positive case to Norton Power Eraser active 0 7 anni
[MusicXML export] decimals in metronome markings get separated PR created 3.6 16 6 mesi
Suggestion - Add speed variation for loop playback (aka. speed training) active 3.6 7 9 mesi
Problem when reload the first plugin in interaction with a second plugin in Plugin Manager list active 3.2 11 3 anni
Dashed/dotted lines stop scaling with zoom once line thickness equals one pixel active 4 6 anni
tightly spacing lyrics - two feature suggestions active 3.6 0 8 mesi
Expose lyric.ticks() to plugin framework active 2 3 anni
Problem with instruments not playing active 3.6 12 8 mesi
Can not change hairpin end beat with mouse active 10 6 anni
Portamento glissando still plays even if set to not play in inspector active 3.6 0 6 mesi
Whole beat rests in compound time should be dotted but instead show 2 rests active 3.6 5 5 mesi
Step-wise playback active 3.2 7 10 mesi
Force a category for the Settings of a Plugin active 2.1 3 4 anni
Disabling "Pan score" button breaks direct navigation by the Find command and the Timeline active 3.6 3 4 mesi
Glissando plays back differently for tied notes vs. a single note of the same value active 3 6 anni
Expose element links (score<->parts) to plugin API active 3.6 0 3 mesi
[Musicxml im-export] - New Instrument name disappears active 3.2 24 2 anni
be able to close all popup windows when running musescore without window manager active 0 6 anni
increase/decrease stretch shortcut not working active 3.6 2 1 mese
Request for option to prevent text crossing barlines active 3.x-dev 1 2 anni
Chord symbols badly spaced active 3.0 7 4 anni
UI Suggestion: dynamic range "Part": use "Instrument" instead active 3.6 9 2 giorni
"Select workspace" dropdown occupies an extra toolbar in MS3.3 RC2 active 3.2 6 2 anni
Implement method to add groups on instruments active 2.1 2 6 anni
Login should stay in website domain; not working with strict privacy settings needs info 7 7 anni