Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Ordine decrescente Priority Version Replies Last updated
Frames: allow absolute units for size and gap active 3.1 0 4 anni
Crash while opening Capella capx file active 3.5 9 3 anni
Problems with tablature flags active 3.0 2 5 anni
Pedal text cannot be turned back on again in Inspector active 3.5 1 3 anni
Unselected grace notes copy active 2.1 2 7 anni
Buzzing noise in playback for clarinet on notes above concert A5 active 4.x-dev 6 1 anno
Vertical frame "Top Gap" doesn't work anymore at the top of a page active P2 - Medium 3.2 9 3 anni
MIDI keyboard doesn't work active 3.5 1 3 anni
Slash notehead position needs adjusting active 7 4 anni
Musescore 4.0 won't run on Wayland (Linux) active 4.x-dev 1 1 anno
Grace notes spacing ignores ledger lines active P1 - High 3.2 3 3 anni
reading notes out of the instrument's range by screen readers active 3.5 0 3 anni
Sound and mapping of drumset in 1.x score incorrect active 3.2 3 3 anni
Grace notes lose slurs when scores joined using the album function active 5 4 anni
Tempo Text Translation (Traditional Chinese) active 4.x-dev 0 1 anno
Tuplets set at angle in MuseScore 3, different from MuseScore 2 active P2 - Medium 3.2 9 4 anni
When making note in slash notation longer so that it spans over a barline, the created new tied note is not in slash notation active 3.5 2 3 anni
Break multimeasure rests for breath marks active 3.0 20 3 anni
Copying of text active 4.x-dev 0 1 anno
Stacatissimo shortcut active 3.5 1 3 anni
Problem with duplets in compound time signature. active 2.1 5 6 anni
Midi events affect playback of score even when the midi input device is set to "no device" active 4.x-dev 1 1 anno
Tuplet Number Positioned Incorrectly in Cross-Staff Arpeggio active 3.5 2 2 anni
Synthesizer > Zita1 reverb: "Delay" should be changed to "Pre-delay" active 3.2 4 2 anni
USB headphones crashing/preventing musescore from working. active 4.x-dev 2 1 anno