Release notes for MuseScore 2.0.2

Updated 5년 ago

MuseScore 2.0.2 was released July 16, 2015.


  • The first book for MuseScore 2 is released: Mastering MuseScore
  • Playback of trills and other ornaments as well as glissandi and bends, with controls to customize or disable the effect
  • New templates: various classical chamber groups, vocal ensembles, orchestras, and concert band
  • Palette improvements: clefs, key signatures, time signatures, lines, and other palette elements that formerly required drag and drop can be added to a selected range via double click
  • Search box in Symbols palette
  • Zoom to 100% shortcut (Ctrl+0)
  • Tremolo rendering improvements
  • New symbols: treble clef with parenthesized octave indicator, pedal line with release symbol
  • Improvements to Bravura and other music fonts
  • Improvements to the default FluidR3 soundfont

Misc. bug fixes

#69161: [GP] Issue with barlines in Bass parts
#45221: Layout changes after action
#32886: In Continuous View, the last visible measure is moved under the continuous panel
#68131: Stave properties window cannot be resized (and default size needs to be "minimum")
#37346: Can't enable Pan roll during playback
#68041: Zoom to 100% command (and shortcut)
#68331: Lines other than ottavas should not start at accidental
#68466: Lines in empty measures change length on toggling multimeasure rests
#63176: Note input cursor glitches for voice >1 when advancing into gaps
#68956: Barlines disappear in one-line drum staff when reducing span - new when hiding/unhiding staves
#68921: Reordering instruments within barline spans creates "custom" barlines that won't extend properly
#41786: Bar lines too short in tablature after amending linked (or not) staves.
#68946: metatag $n in PDF of parts+score should be constant equal to total number of pages, not cumulatively increasing with each part
#60791: A time signature change deletes all voices >1 in Tab staff with linked staves
#67516: Add traditional Ped / * line to Advanced palette
#67621: Repeat dots show on hidden / empty staves for multi-staff instruments
#65996: Creating joined score with less instruments/staves in subsequent scores vs. the first yields corrupt score
#67031: Copying measure with gliss spanning into next bar copies gliss but doesn't display it
#67836: Transposition of score by key gets incorrect interval if first stave is unpitched
#60491: Frames can be set to have 0sp height or width, but this is not saved
#66576: Opening a score createted via "Save selection" of a linked staff causes a crash
#66321: Some default bends type are badly displayed
#59301: Deleting measure with clef change corrupts clef map
#63231: Changing "Actual Measure Duration" under a volta causes crash
#66441: Continue last session plus StartCenter doesn't work
#65786: Crash or loss of data on save/reload on paste to text frame
#54221: Horizontal frame before last measure of system creates crowded layout
#29686: Positioning, angle and length of tremolo between notes incorrect
#45356: manual position of a line (8va, cresc., etc.) not preserved on copy/paste
#66776: "V" shortcut does not affect the ties and slurs which extend on the following system
#64141: Add "Whole note = n" to tempo texts
#65066: Score elements not deselecting after "select all" option
#66826: Key change not displayed at start of system with "Generate key signatures" off
#67026: Parts do not pick up articulation applied with keyboard shortcut
#62091: Musescore crashes when selecting all notes and switch to voice 1
#67001: Crash on opening file with apparently invalid note anchored textline
#66946: Null/Empty/Invalid Jumps should either not interfere with playback or should report error
#58821: Shift+left arrow key from single selecion before multimeasure rest leads to range selection up to end of score
#63961: "Fake" barlines on score missing on some instrumental parts and disappearing completely after a save.
#60871: Adding Time Signature at Clef change ignores new clef while still showing it
#64251: Adding ornament on tablature causes crash
#66076: When entering note too long for measure, tie not created in linked staves/parts
#65861: Copy paste of single chord symbols does not transpose
#65421: straight arpeggio down plays notes in wrong order
#66276: My First Score shifts from A4 to Letter after load in USA (or Canada?)
#66241: Grace note offsets in linked TAB not saved
#66061: A score creation with two instruments and linked staves is corrupted immediatly after entering a note
#65961: Dotted Line to Anchor Text
#65831: Links and manual adjustments to bends not saved
#65116: Metronome is wrong if 4/4 after 2/2 (equivalent time signature)
#65041: Breath marks cause spacing problems with chord symbols
#64961: Drum parts have the same MIDI port
#64911: Repeats display with space when clef is removed
#64861: Linked tablature fret with dot doesn't display bracket
#64856: Accented characters at beginning/end of lyrics ignored with respect to alignment
#64696: [MusicXML] Wrong midi port when exporting Instrument Change
#64506: Repeat measure reports as corrupt when saving online, corrects itself on save / reload
#64266: Fretboard diagrams do not remain attached to staff at the correct location
#64241: D.S. from within repeat bars to a Segno outside crashes on playback
#64206: Repeat Measure sign in one staff of multi-stave inst. causes repeated playback of all staves
#64201: [MusicXML import] corruption caused by whole-measure rests with type whole
#64041: Problem writing -^b9
#63096: Text not kept when moving (cut-paste) an existing rehearsal mark
#63786: Tuplet text style applies only after save and reload
#63711: No naturals appear for change to open/atonal key signature
#63706: Dynamics and Tempo: reset to style in text properties produces a wrong result
#63676: Follow text for tempo should work if the style of the text is changed
#63561: TAB - Modified stem direction - don't work properly
#63481: Symbol lines and symbols ignore small staff size
#63366: Naming new workspace: slash, asterisk, etc. not escaped or filtered; write of workspace file fails
#63081: Crash in repitch mode entering note in voice >1 with no chord/rest at cursor
#62506: [MusicXML import] crash editing The Stolen Child full score.xml
#62236: Apparent corruption on copying a two-note tremolo across a barline
#61476: Corruption reading empty measure with 7/4 actual duration
#61061: Crash when scrolling in panoramic view and mmRest
#60931: Deleting multiline text in frames cause crash
#60891: Split a measure by selecting a rest or note beginning on the first beat causes corruption
#59226: [Musicxml import] crash if notations on rest
#59161: Crash on importing 1.x score with slur without start chord
#63641: Hitting Enter in Page Settings with "OK" button highlighted instead does "Apply to all Parts"
#62961: Double-clicking hairpin in palette with list selection causes X number of hairpins to all be stacked at the exact same position
#62956: Regression in MuseScore 2—clicking note then shift-clicking measure leads to list selection instead of range selection
#62276: Viola da gamba in 2.0 missing pizzicato and tremolo channels
#61106: "Reset Stretch" Does not affect mmrests if more than mmrest is highlighted
#60746: Symbols appear at wrong height for staves > 1
#60651: Fret conflict shouldn't be exported to PDF or printed
#60631: 2.0 nightly - No line number reported in MSCZ XML errors
#60571: Select similar spanners in a range selection doesn't work
#60486: Color of voice selector in Staff Text Properties is not the same than in toolbar
#59766: Stems do not align with DO and TI note head
#59316: Instruments marked invisible should not get shown in the create excerpts dialog
#49246: Some elements duplicated on time sig change
#53081: Respell pitches mode adds note to chord when input is by mouse.
#59861: Tick "stemless" in measure properties for an irregular triplet and dotted notes causes a crash in Tab staff
#59176: crash when running "Add/Remove Line Breaks" against score or part with multi-measure rests turned on
#58971: Changing voice of grace notes creates corrupted score
#58926: Pasting image causes a crash
#59171: Pressing a key in Piano Keyboard window sustains indefinitely (if sound supports it)
#59881: Check "stemless" in Measure Properties works badly in Tab staff
#59821: shift+letter adds note according to current cursor position rather than position of added note
#58796: Bracket and instrument name misaligned to one-line staff
#57261: multi-notes tremolo not played back correctly
#50011: Continuous View—part names overlap
#43181: First instrument names misplaced in continuous view when barlines are joined