Octave lines

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This page shows old instructions for MuseScore 3.
For MuseScore 4 users, see Octave lines.

    Octave (Ottava) lines are used to indicate that a section of music is to be played one or more octaves above or below written pitch: The line may be dotted or solid. Ottavas are available in the Lines palette of the Basic and Advanced workspaces.

    8─────┐or 8va─────┐: Play one octave above written pitch
    8─────┘or 8va─────┘: Play one octave below written pitch

    8va alta/bassa lines are particularly common in piano scores, though they are sometimes used in other instrumental music.1 15ma alta (2 octaves above) and 15ma bassa (2 octaves below) are also occasionally used.

    Debussy. Études, Book II, X

    MuseScore automatically adjusts playback of the score under the ottava to the correct pitch.

    Apply an octave line

    See Applying lines to the score.

    And to adjust the vertical position, see Lines: Adjust vertical position.

    Change length

    See Lines: Change length.

    Custom lines

    Ottavas can be customized just like any other line. See Custom lines and line properties.

    Properties unique to Octave lines can be adjusted in the Ottava section of the Inspector:

    • Type: Change the Ottava line text.
    • Placement: Set to "Above" or "Below" the staff.
    • Numbers only: Untick for both number and text (e.g. "8va"). Tick for a number only (e.g. "8").

    1. Gerou/Lusk. Essential Dictionary of Music Notation (Internet Archive). ↩︎

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