Slow problem when typing lyrics

• 2024년 5월 13일 - 02:46

First of all, please understand that I am very lacking in English and use a translator.
There are a few problems I have with using musescroe, so I would like to ask you to fix them.

  1. The fermata symbol has disappeared from the articulation of the palette.
    It was removed after the update from version 3.0 to version 4.0.

  2. It's too hard to type lyrics. Especially when you have a lot of pages, it's too slow. (Lyrics in Korean.)
    For example, on page 31, enter Korean lyrics from the sheet music. Each letter will have a waiting time of about 3~5 seconds.

  3. When reading sheet music from a PDF or image file, it may be recognized as multiple voices. However, it is inconvenient that only the 2nd part is edited in Musescore.
    Especially, when scanning songs that are divided into multiple vocal parts, and the more complex the accompaniment part, the more errors will appear

There are many other problems, but I'm not sure how to convey them. I'll ask you again when the details are sorted out ...

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