Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
I/O Bug report active 3.x-dev 1 1 시간
Rename Outdated to Legacy active 3.5 7 1 시간
Saving segment positions with MuseScore 3 leads to elements with sx attributes being mostly 0 active 3.5 1 2 시간
Displaying custom key signatures in multiple clefs active P2 - Medium 17 3 시간
Automatically open palettes relevant for selected object active 3.5 7 4 시간
Shifted musescore notes needs info 3.5 11 4 시간
Some palette tabs are empty needs info 3.5 2 5 시간
Hairpin layout on second voice on last measure is not preserved when reopening score needs info 3.3 6 6 시간
(Limitation) MuseScore (MS) should allow the user to choose what staff-lines he wants to preserve when choosing a staff with less than 5 lines active 3.5 4 6 시간
[Accessibility] Arpeggios need feedback in either inspector or status bar active 3.5 5 9 시간
Glissandos: Add a "Minimum length" style setting active 3.5 0 9 시간
Missing space between key signature and first note if time signature is hidden active 3.3 6 11 시간
Request option to copy system elements with copy/paste (ALL ELEMENTS) active 92 13 시간
[MusicXML export] invalid XML export: direction-type is missing child element active 3.2 2 15 시간
unbelievable behavior needs info 3.5 4 1일
Instrument change not saved active 3.5 1 1일
Limitations and problems with copy-pasting syllables of lyrics into rests active 3.5 1 1일
Crash on Windows 10 on startup active 3.4 23 1일
Locked score unlocks by mouse interactions active P3 - Low 3.5 18 1일
Style dialog for Chord symbols does not show current spelling active 3.5 0 1일
Mixer Reverb and Chorus have no effect on sound active 3.2 12 1일
Loss of keyboard accessibility for Inspector on elements with handles active P1 - High 3.4 3 1일
Unknown units for x/y/sx/sy in spos/mpos files PR created 3.5 8 1일
Need ability to extend arpeggios to other voices and staves active 3.5 0 1일
userLen1 in arpeggio not available in the inspector active 3 1일