Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Untick one element from selection filter then switch language cause all elements unticked active 3.6 0 1년
Floating Frame active 3.6 0 1년
Stemless grace note too close to parent note? active 3.6 0 1년
Ottava brackets ignored in tremolo playback active 3.6 0 1년
Have separate font-size setting for secondary windows (Preferences, Style etc.) active 3.6 0 1년
Playback bug active 3.6 0 11개월
Please add a preference for sounding clicked notes at playback velocity (rather that velocity 80) active 3.6 0 11개월
Export and printing to PDF do not open finder dialog from MacOS 12.0.1 active 3.6 0 7개월
tightly spacing lyrics - two feature suggestions active 3.6 0 7개월
Unable to create aftergrace at the end of bar active 3.6 0 6개월
Portamento glissando still plays even if set to not play in inspector active 3.6 0 5개월
Score Paper: wrong default colour; and doesn't match default setting in Preferences active 4.x-dev 0 5개월
[MusicXML export] missing wedge start/stop when no matching note start/stop found active 3.6 0 3개월
Ctrl + Scroll Zooms in Unusably Large Steps active 4.x-dev 0 2개월
Expose element links (score<->parts) to plugin API active 3.6 0 한 달
Store Custom Palettes in a user-configurable, non-system location active 3.6 0 한 달
MuseScore Online File Plays An Extra Count-in Beat (Hidden Note)? needs info 0 3년
Mixer window . Unable to change vertical size with all controllers remaining visible. active 3.3 0 2년
Suggestion: allow user-definable size of offsetting for up/down arrows active 3.3 0 2년
Over tooltip in piano roll keyword does not match written notation when using trasposition instruments active 3.3 0 2년
Export midi for parts doesn't work after export to MSCZ active 0 6년
Measure Property Tab bug active 0 6년
Skipping a measure when issuing [next measure] command under certain circumstances active 3.4 0 2년
System brackets and connected barlines made a mess of when new instrument added in the middle active 0 6년
[EPIC] Collection of Undo issues active 3.4 0 2년