Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Crescendo lines disappeared in parts needs info 4.0 5 3개월
Drumset Voice crashes Musescore4 and corrupts file. active 4.0 5 3개월
Piano MIDI synth broken needs info 3.6 5 2년
Header (including page number) is placed within printable area of page, allowing collisions active 3.6 5 1년
Certain Instruments sometimes do not playback needs info 3.6 5 1년
continuous view needs info 3.0 5 4년
Add a "don't ask again" to the reset dialog on 2.x import active P1 - High 3.0 5 4년
File extension should be preserved when using 'Save As...' active 5 9년
Beam sizes inconsistent causing a lot of work to adjust, results in articulations showing like valleys active 3.0 5 4년
Prevent the playback of trailing rests active 5 7년
add instrument middle of piece. active 5 8년
Use custom drag cursor that combines "cannot drop here" icon with arrow (for systems that don't do this by default) active P2 - Medium 3.0 5 4년
Option to show "long instrument name" in first visible staff when using "hide empty staves". active 3.0 5 3년
Undo doesn't work after extending barlines if the last instrument is hidden active P2 - Medium 5 3년
Modfying the jump targets of jumps like D.S. are not linked between score and part active 5 7년
Windows compile instructions slightly out of date active 5 2년
Preferences does not change after pressing "OK" or "Apply" in MDL Mode active 3.2 5 3년
The duplets in my musescore are wrong value and there are unnecessary rests in a measure. needs info 3.2 5 3년
segfault album 1st score 4 staff w/ parts, 4 staff no parts, 3 staff no parts, 4 staff no parts. active P3 - Low 5 3년
Customized line continues to inherit customizations after changing systems active 3.3 5 2년
Small size for lute tablature needs info P1 - High 3.0 5 4년
Allow use of macros in text block active 3.0 5 4년
Beam visual glitch after applying time signature between active 3.3 5 3년
Added key signature disappears after view change if its courtesy key is invisible active 2.1 5 6년
StartupWizard::layoutInput() Segfaults if computer's language is "C" active P3 - Low 3.0 5 3년