Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
Lines: style setting changes are associated with Begin text only active 3.3 6 2년
Default opened album not detecting changes in scores active 2 3년
Can´t delete text and accents in letters don´t work. needs info 3.0 8 3년
Selection not extending correctly active 2.1 0 5년
no sound needs info 2.3 1 3년
Missing items Orca screenreader doesn't read in the inspector active 3.3 2 2년
Issues with "hide system barline" on multiple staves active 2.1 3 5년
Musescore 3 Playback needs info 3.0 6 1년
Text-frame word wrap active 3.4 7 10개월
Tablature list display incomplete active 2.2 0 5년
3.0 New measures have wrong time signature needs info 3.0 4 3년
Conditional space loss in dynamic text active 3.4 8 2년
changing lyrics text styles's vertical alignment does not affect lyrics dash and melisma underscore active 1 3개월
MuseScore asks for access to contacts and calendar (Mac) needs info 3.0 3 2년
Instrument change causes wrong key signature active 3.4 9 2년
Text in score browser is too small active 2.1 2 5년
[MusicXML import] series of tied notes does not work if tied order is start stop active 3.4 1 8개월
Regroup Rhythms changes spelling of notes that should not be affected active 2.2 2 5년
Saving score causes issues needs info 3.0 1 3년
Cannot set style for crescendo/diminuendo. active 3.4 3 1년
"Pseudo staff text" issue active 2.1 0 5년
transpose adds key symbols in unwanted places needs info 3.0 9 3년
Bug with real-time note entering active 3.4 0 2년
Handbook navigation suggestions active 7 4년
Hidding courtesy key measures and signatures needs info 3.0 6 3년