Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
LH Guitar Fingering: too much space before at beginning of system active 3.2 1 2년
Staccato wedges (Staccatissimo). Flipping direction bug active 0 6년
Courtesy parenthesis beside key signature when no clef is present active 3.6 0 2개월
Single Note Dynamics - Overlapping Crescendo/Decrescendo playback active 3.2 1 2년
Plugin Creator help document is missing much important information active 1 6년
Window won't stay maximized active 4.x-dev 0 2주
Bends do not contract or stretch with changes in score active 3.0 5 2년
Increased Bracket Functionality active 2.1 3 6년
Shortcut that won't work needs info 6 6년
Suggestion for "select all alike" feature. active 3.2 3 2년
Changing instrument names may lead to crash and empty mscz file needs info 52 6년
Show voice number of attached elements in statusbar active 3.3 0 2년
Store instrument- and partnames in a language indendent manner active 11 2년
Monitor resolution detected incorrectly, making sizes wrong needs info 37 5개월
File save can't determine file type without extension active 3.3 20 1주
Artifacts after scaling part active 2.1 0 5년
playback cuts out mid use needs info 2.1 3 4년
Non-translated text shown when an Extension is uninstalled active 3.3 1 2년
Hiding Instruments does not reformat other staves properly active 3.0 1 4년
Problem with instrument sounds needs info 2.3 5 3년
"keep with next system" property active 3.3 3 2년
Adding sharps flats etc to score active 3.3 2 2년
Use native "save file" dialogs by default active 10 1주
Stems become too long if cross-staff notes are too close active 3.4 2 1년
Segno Variation ("Serpent") should be on barline, not above active 46 1주