Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Allow Bluetooth-, other Sound- and MIDI-devices to be turned on after MuseScore loads active 7 1년
Music Playback isn't working needs info 3.0 2 3년
Automatic Repeats Detection with Custom Endings active 30 2년
Add ability to use Save As... for entire score while in a part. active 3.5 9 1년
Plugins bar needs info 3.0 7 2년
pluginPath active 2.1 6 4년
Preserve correct number of bars when editing multirests active 3.5 9 2년
Can't playback properly, have very serious stutters needs info 3.1 2 3년
Need hyphen functionality in phonetic keyboards active 0 10년
Import Midi files active 3.5 18 2년
Breaks and spacers needs info 3.2 1 3년
Glissando collides with elements before note active 19 9년
Page Size set to inch --- Inspector Element Offset is mm active 3.5 2 2년
broken permalinks for long threads active 0 3년
Playback needs info 3.2 1 3년
Bends collide active 0 9년
Make Complete Set of Staff Properties Available to the QML Plugin API active 3.5 3 2년
Search for instruments to add needs info 3.3 1 3년
Cancel option when adding soundfont active 0 9년
MSCX format: Don't duplicate elements for each part active 4.x-dev 5 2년
Crash on Startup needs info 3.3 1 2년
Undo reset doesn't restore beam position active 2 2년
Rectangular frame border doesn't match text dimensions active 3.5 0 2년 My pallet entries are gone and only [ADD] is available. Win 10 needs info 3.3 4 2년
not enough space under "Staff Type" in windows classic theme active 12 9년