Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
"Copy lyrics to clipboard" drops syllables if there is none at that spot in the previous verse active 3.2 7 1년
MuseScore changes kMDItemContentTypeTree and kMDItemContentType of markdown files during installation (Mac) active 3.4 1 2년
Playback Error active 3.0 4 4년
clicking object with opaque background selects object behind it instead active 2 8년
Report a Bug link does not work when logged out needs info 5 10개월
Nasty static is played along with my music. What is the cause? needs info 3.4 6 2년
Add "Apply to SELECT parts" button for system breaks active 3.0 8 한 달
[Mac] Some dragged special characters appear as box active 3 8년
Repeats are not working. needs info 3.6 2 11개월
Midi input malfunctions in Insert mode active 3.4 2 2년
USB 2.0 - MIDI cable not working with musescore 3 needs info 3.0 1 4년
Ancrusis writing active 3 1년
MuseScore 4 Text size do not affect root menu items active 4.x-dev 1 10개월
Guitar vibrato line colour not displayed as set in inspector active 3.4 1 2년
Reduce height of Time Signature Properties active 3.0 2 4년
Wrong brace behaviour when adding only one stave of piano active 0 8년
Sudden cutoff in playback needs info 4.x-dev 2 9개월
Musescore 3.0.1 Crashes on Save and Open active 3.0 3 4년
Allow for 'noninteractive' reading of scores active 0 7년
Request to support Italian interpretation of chords symbols (+ means major seventh) active 3.6 9 7개월
Create Multibar Rests and Chord Symbols Positioning settings UI squashed active 3.x-dev 3 2년
"Reset value" button enabled for several elements even if those are using their default values active 6 4년
Musescore crashes when I try to open a specific file needs info 3.6 2 7개월
Using Inspector spin box to move an element from below to above staff creates surprise when the placement changes active 3.4 6 2년
Adjusting the title's vertical frame doesn't update third page's layout correctly needs info 3.x-dev 6 2년