Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort ascending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Arrow arpeggio missing from standard notation in GP import active 3.0 2 2년
Fluidsynth misintepreting loop override data in the Instrument chunk active 2.1 0 7년
Extremely slow picture loading in horizontal frame active 3.1 4 4년
Tablature: Problem entering voice 2 from keyboard when there are shared fretmarks active 2.1 1 7년
Muse Hub runs with excessive permissions on MacOS active 4.x-dev 10 9개월
FEATURE REQUEST: Use score info to add tags to exported audio active 3.1 7 1년
"Change Instrument" (Staff properties) does not remember last setting active 2.1 2 6년
Tremolo double dots symbol cannot be selected active 4.x-dev 6 9개월
Surprising initial result when manually adjusting an automatically-adjusted rest active 3.5 1 2년
Provide option to set "quantization fraction" in midi import. active 3.1 1 1년
"Hide empty staves" error active 2.1 1 6년
FLAC export bug active 4.x-dev 3 9개월
Tremolo Symbols Play: On/Off | AND | Non-playable Tremolo symbols active 3.5 1 2년
Random Tempo Increase active 3.1 1 4년
Acciaccatura stroke in Select section of Inspector active 2.2 3 6년
Player playing sounds from multiple places in the score at the same time. At later parts in the score, no sounds play from the piano instrument at all. Seemingly only affects the piano. active 4.x-dev 15 8개월
Plugins appear three times each in the Plugin Manager active 3.x-dev 2 4년
in Note Groups UI make palette selectable, then click notes to toggle between selected beam property and auto active 26 3년
MuseScore 4 Crashes when reaching a certain bar in a specific score active 4.x-dev 1 9개월
Choose instruments: better default for ordering? active 3.6 3 2년
Rimshots? active 3.2 1 4년
Finer control of repeats with play panel loop active 2.1 16 6년
Project crashes when copy+pasting, and the autosave files aren't compatible active 4.x-dev 1 9개월
Staff Text — Odd frame margin behavior active 3.5 1 1년
LH Guitar Fingering creates too much space before itself, when directly after a barline active P2 - Medium 3.2 9 4년