Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort descending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Page Size set to inch --- Inspector Element Offset is mm active 3.5 2 2년
Musescore 4.01 crashes after Musesound update active 4.0 6 7개월
Fermata problem in MuseScore 4 active 4.0 10 8개월
Media Kit Audio Backend Support active 5 2년
A tied pair of non-adjacent notes does not sustain correctly active 7 3년
Crash on start up active 4.0 1 7개월
Staccato wedges (Staccatissimo). Flipping direction bug active 0 7년
Underlining of space characters disappears upon saving active 3.5 2 2년
[EPIC] Page Settings and Units issues active 3.0 5 3년
Bassoon active 4.x-dev 1 9개월
Parts: set first selected instrument as default part title active 3.5 1 2년
Allow export selection active 3.0 0 4년
Arpeggio playback speed control limited and unintuitive active 4.x-dev 1 9개월
Keyboard shortcut [V] not disabled for elements that can't be saved as invisible active 2.1 11 5년
template Band and Percussion- European Concert Band active 3.5 0 2년
Musescore 4.0 won't run on Wayland (Linux) active 4.x-dev 1 9개월
Edit mode on notehead should be indicated more clearly active 3.0 3 6년
Musescore really needs to borrow the "make into system" feature from Sibelius active 4.0 0 7개월
Change default status to "Any" on issue search. active 3.0 1 4년
Add instrument groupings and auto-sorting to the add instruments dialogue active 2.1 10 7년
When entering text edit mode by double-clicking a text item, all of the item's text should be selected active 3.5 9 2년
the reproduction of a single note breaks down, ver. 4.0 i 4.0.1 active 4.0 3 7개월
Save As then re-open original is funky active 3.0 0 4년
Tempo Text Translation (Traditional Chinese) active 4.x-dev 0 9개월
Store instrument- and partnames in a language indendent manner active 11 3년